You can download portable version of Flashpaste from our download page. You may extract it to any folder on your USB drive and run flashpaste-portable.exe in order to launch the program.

If you need to run existing Flashpaste version from USB drive, you may follow the below instructions.

By default, Flashpaste stores its settings and databases in the folder %APPDATA%/Flashpaste/. Thus, the program has to be installed in the system to be able to run properly. In some cases, it is convenient to start Flashpaste without installation by just copying the program folder, e.g. to a USB drive.

In this case, you should inform Flashpaste at startup where the settings and the database are stored. To do it, you can use command line parameters. Flashpaste supports the following list of parameters:

  • -portable - Use the configuration file, Common and Local Database from the current folder. (Files should have the following names: flashpaste.cfg, Common.db and Local.db).
  • -a - Force Flashpaste to use the configuration file (flashpaste.cfg) from the current folder.
  • -c=path_to_common_db - Use Common Database in the specified path (setting in flashpsate.cfg will be ignored).
  • -l=path_to_local_db - Use Local Database in the specified path (setting in flashpsate.cfg will be ignored).
  • -s=path_to_configuration_file - Use configuration file (flashpsate.cfg) in the specified path.
  • -createreg - Create the fkey.bin file containing registration information in the program folder.
  • -usereg - Use the fkey.bin file containing registration information.

For example, if you want Flashpaste to use the configuration file located in the current folder and the database located in c:\OurDB.db, you should use the following command line to start the program:
    Flashpaste -a -c=c:\OurDB.db

To be able to start the program without installation (for example, from a USB drive), it is recommended to do the following:

  • Copy the configuration file flashpaste.cfg (if it already exists) from %APPDATA%/Flashpaste/ to the folder with the executable file.
  • Copy both common and local database to that location. The database files must be named as common.txt and local.txt respectively. If there are no databases, they will be created in the current folder.
  • Create file containing registration information by running Flashpaste with the -createreg option.
  • Use the _RUN_Flashpaste_Portable.bat file to start the program.

Now you can just download portable version from out site